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Energy Healing Practitioner and Intuitive Emotional Balance Coach

Evergreen, CO and Broomfield, CO


Release emotional baggage to heal physical conditions, reduce stress and compulsive behaviors, improve relationships and unlock your full potential.

Activate Your Natural Ability to Heal


As an empath, I feel emotions that have been stuffed into cellular memory and pull them out, allowing the body’s natural healing processes to take over. The ability to heal already lies within you. You only need to activate it.

Just as aspen leaves do not “turn gold” in the fall–they are always a brilliant gold which only gets revealed as the green fades away–similarly, as you remove the emotional baggage obscuring your true self, the “gold within you” is revealed.

Through the power of your immune system and cellular regeneration, your body is capable of healing virtually anything—if it is not impeded by blocked energy and stale emotions clogging up the system. I simply help you to get out of your own way. You do the healing.

Empathic Resonance Healing (ERH) can assist in recovering from chronic illnesses and injuries. I do not diagnose nor treat any specific diseases or conditions—I help create an environment of health where your body can heal more effectively. Many recipients of ERH have experienced a significant reduction in symptoms or even complete recovery. There is no guarantee that a healing will occur, but there is also no condition where healing is impossible.

Let go of what keeps you stuck

Reflection As a coach, I teach mind-body practices and life skills enabling you to release emotions, without needing to express them (possibly damaging relationships.) We tend to get stuck, repeating the same patterns in our lives over and over until we learn new methods to deal with our emotions. Once ancient history has been tempered, we can stop being overly reactive to emotional triggers that affect health, relationships, job performance and wellbeing.

A greater understanding of why we are here and how we support each other in our journeys can lead to a deep sense of peace and acceptance of each other. We are all perfect (even with our flaws) exactly where we are. Seeing how that plays out in your life helps to let go of the expectations that get in the way of healthy relationships with loved ones or co-workers.

Learn specific techniques and exercises to help you:

  • Release emotions stuck in cellular memory that may cause illness, depression or anxiety
  • End mental cycling and fretting and let go of addiction or compulsive behaviors
  • Stop being a victim of the stressors in your life and regain control
  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin through self-acceptance
  • Let go of guilt and shame and forgive yourself
  • Forgive others while releasing judgment, resentment, blame and bitterness
  • Increase your energy level and flow
  • Get back in balance and become more grounded
  • Develop appreciation, gratitude and deep peace
  • Create happiness and joy in your life
  • Find meaning or sense of purpose
Disclaimer: While I am an experienced energy healing practitioner, I’m not a psychologist, psychotherapist, physician, or other licensed health care professional. The State of Colorado does not license, certify, or register complementary and alternative health care practitioners. The services I provide are permissible within the law and meet the requirements of Colorado’s Natural Health Care Consumer Protection Act. I do not diagnose nor treat any physical or mental illness. Please see a licensed health care professional for these services.