What to Expect

The Basics

Evergreen office

Evergreen Office

An initial session generally takes an hour and a half. I begin by explaining the process and finding out what goals you have for the session. If hands on healing work is needed, you lie down fully clothed (except for shoes) on a massage table.

I place my hands lightly on the body at key points along the meridians (energy pathways) to make sure energy is flowing properly. Then I balance chakras (centers where energy is stored). I clear the aura (energy field around the body). Once the energetic system is tuned, I begin Empathic Resonance Healing (ERH).

Removing Stuck Emotions

I place my hands over each of the major organs and “listen” for an emotion that is stuck in cellular memory. I will feel the emotion as if it is mine. I name it for you as specifically as possible. For example, anger includes both rage and irritation or exasperation but knowing which one it is helps to remove it.

Typically, a given emotion is stored in the same organ for everyone and correlates with the same medical conditions. But I will listen for whatever is there, because the nuances of the emotion can be very different from one person to the next.


Once I feel the emotion, I pull it out. I exhale deeply since energy follows both the mind and the breath. Then I hold in the positive opposite emotion. For example, I may pull sadness from the lungs and then hold in joy. I will visualize a scene to bring up the feeling I would like to replace it.

I may also remove outdated thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back, and allow your own truth to come forward. Sometimes we pick up emotions, thoughts and beliefs that belong to others or no longer serve us.


During a session, I will teach you mind-body techniques, using guided visualizations, so you can clear blocked emotions on your own. My goal is to enable you to independently deal with future situations after only a few sessions. Most individuals need only three or four sessions unless there is a long term, chronic condition. The speed of progress is directly related to how willing you are to participate in your own healing.

The Effects


Recipients of ERH experience different sensations during the session. Some people feel energy shoot along the meridians, others may feel heat or vibration going in, still others may feel the emotion or have memories related to it float into awareness.

It is not necessary to notice any of these sensations to have a successful healing. Nearly all recipients express that they feel lighter following a session, as if the emotional baggage we carry around actually weighs something. And they generally feel relaxed and peaceful.

Sometimes medical conditions spontaneously resolve. Most often, the symptoms gradually recede over the next few weeks or months. And sometimes recovery does not occur but the individual becomes at peace with the condition. There is no guarantee of any outcome, but there is also no condition where complete recovery is impossible.